Dear neighbors ,

Please remember the rules governing our community of neighbors contained in the Horizontal Property Act , in order to ensure a good living , please read carefully these rules :

The owners who rent their homes need to be handed a document explaining the rules of the pool and common areas . ( In Spanish and English )

It is forbidden for pets to roam loose in the common areas .

Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground of public areas, put the bins used for this purpose.

The pool will close at the end of the bathing season to avoid accidents. The pools will remain closed according to article 6 of the rules of pools – Junta de Andalucía.

Not allowed to use the paddle for another type of activity or sport .

It is forbidden to play ball in the pool and common areas .

From 12 at night is prohibited from using noisy tools , put loud music and generally any nuisance activity for rest .

The wastes will be deposited in the containers provided for this purpose in outside of urbanization is forbidden to leave trash in hallways , common areas or garages .

Spaces to dry wet towels or clothes on the railings or aisles windows use their clotheslines.

It is forbidden to private parties and individuals in the common areas .

Bicycles , tricycles , skates, etc. . Are prohibited in common areas except those used by children under 8 years under adult supervision . Forbidden to play in community halls , require minors to use the common areas and playgrounds.

Please use appropriate community services preventing children from playing with them . (elevators , fire extinguishers, ladders , garage , hallways etc . )

Only allowed to install awnings striped yellow and white, green bars .

Single enclosure is permitted without aluminum crystals terraces , so that without altering the aesthetics of the building ( Lumon type or similar).

It is forbidden to perform any work on the facades of buildings.

Electrical tampering is prohibited inside the storerooms. The costs of electricity under following a power handling inside the storage rooms, and affecting the rest of the neighbors , will be charged in full to the owner of the storage.

To keep the look of the facade , prohibits the installation of satellite dishes on the terraces of the floor will be installed on the rooftops.

The owners / tenants , it is agreed that to break pay .
La Hacienda de Mijas Golf Phase II


Please obey these rules important for your own safety and respect for other users

POOL OPEN : 15ST May – 31 ST October
( June, July and August) : 10:00 h . – 21.30 h
( May, September and October) : 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
POOL CLOSED : November 1ST – 14TH May: Article 6 of the Rules of Swimming

It is mandatory to shower before entering the pool .

You may not use soap or shampoo in the showers.

Smoking .

It is forbidden to eat on the premises and carry glass , porcelain and similar in the pool areas. To prevent pests from ants and other insects.

It is forbidden to play ball in the pool and common areas .

No pets mattresses, bulky and dangerous objects when swimmers.

It is mandatory that children are always accompanied by a Responsible Adult .

Forbidden to play tennis.

Loud music is prohibited , please use headphones in common areas .

Caution is required once out of the pool because they can slip .

No entry of animals. Law 5/1998 of November 23 on the use of guide dogs in Andalusia by people with visual dysfunctions .

Please use the bins to keep the area clean pool.

Babies must wear diapers at the pool area and bathroom .

You can click on the grass umbrellas .

Forbidden with shoes or street clothes to the bathroom area .

The community will refuse entry or expel from the pool to people who do not respect the rules specified .

‘Thank you for your cooperation ‘
The owners / tenants who breach EU rules will be reprimanded by the Community Board , in case of repeated legal measures will be taken accordingly.

Best Regards
The Board


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