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Description about Clomid.

might be pregnant. have a thyroid problem or another endocrine disorder. have undiagnosed vaginal bleeding. have endometriosis or endometrial carcinoma. have uterine fibroids. have liver disease. have ovarian cysts or ovarian enlargement not due to polycystic ovarian syndrome. or have any other serious or chronic medical illness.

Genitourinary. Endometriosis.ovarian cyst (ovarian order clomid without a prescription or cysts complicated by adnexal torsion).ovarian hemorrhage.tubal pregnancy.uterine hemorrhage. order clomid without a prescription endometrial thickness.

Ovarian enlargement . At recommended dosage.abnormal ovarian enlargement is infrequent although the usual cyclic variation in ovarian size may be exaggerated. Similarly.cyclic ovarian pain (mittelschmerz) may be accentuated. With higher or prolonged dosage.more frequent ovarian enlargement and cyst formation may occur.and the luteal phase of the cycle may be prolonged.

Clomid side effects can mimic the symptoms of pregnancy. It is recommended that you wait to take a pregnancy test until you miss your monthly period.

Clomid works by acting on a number of different receptors in the body that regulate hormone production and release.

If you are not sure if any of the above apply to to your doctor or pharmacist before taking Clomid.

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