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Antidepressants like zoloft do not bring about happiness, they just relieve depression.

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Medicines are sometimes prescribed for purposes other than those listed in a Medication GuideDo not use ZOLOFT for a condition for which it was not prescribedDo not give ZOLOFT to other peopleeven if they have the same conditionIt may harm them.

At least 14 days must elapse between discontinuation of a monoamine oxidase inhibitorMAOIantidepressant and initiation of ZOLOFTIn additionat least 14 days must elapse after stopping ZOLOFT before starting an MAOI antidepressantSee CONTRAINDICATIONSWARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS

Monitor all patients being treated with antidepressants for clinical worseningsuicidal thoughtsand unusual changes in behaviorespecially during the initial few months of treatmentor at times of dose increases or decreasesSee BOX WARNINGWARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONSDecreased appetite and weight loss have been observed with the use of SSRIsMonitor weight and growth in pediatric patients treated with an SSRI such as ZOLOFT.

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