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Reglan side effects in babies news earlier this week that turkey production is at its lowest level in nearly three decades and wholesale prices are at an all-time high briefly spooked some folks.

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The manufacturers knew that physicians and patients were unaware of the dangers of chronic use, and by failing to conduct adequate studies and warn about the reglan problems, the pharmaceutical companies placed their desire to preserve the profits they were generating from the long-term use above patient safety.

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If you or a loved one has used reglan and has experienced symptoms of those conditions, you should speak with a lawyer about your situation and whether you may have a legal case to pursue compensation.

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According to the federal food and drug administration, over 2 million people now take metoclopramide reglan, maxolon, octamide ; the wide-spread use of this medication means that more people are now at risk for drug-induced tardive dyskinesia.

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Do not give reglan to other people, even if they have the same symptoms that you have.

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The gel was named after the brand names ativan, benadiyl, haldol, and reglan, under which these drugs were originally marketed.

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