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The median overall survival was 35 months for the femara group and 32 months for the tamoxifen group, with a p -value 0.

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this medication guide is a summary of information about soltamox tamoxifen citrate for women who use soltamox tamoxifen citrate to lower their high chance of getting breast cancer or who have dcis.

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pubmed 15845599 van bommel ef, hendriksz tr, huiskes aw, zeegers ag brief communication tamoxifen therapy for nonmalignant retroperitoneal fibrosis.

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if you have dcis and have been treated with surgery and radiation therapy, your doctor may prescribe tamoxifen to decrease your chance of getting invasive spreading breast cancer.

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written for women who use soltamox tamoxifen citrate to lower their high chance of getting breast cancer or who have ductal carcinoma in situ dcis .

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no role for high- crowley j, ed, handbook of statistics in clinical dose tamoxifen in the treatment of inoperable oncology.


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