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As the players explain, the use of waivers and prescriptions for toradol use varies from team to team.

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no data are available on the use of the drug by athletes, so it is unclear how frequently toradol injections are provided and for what ailments, and whether players are told of the potential side effects all of which has caused tension and a growing awareness among sports medicine experts.

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it is recommended that toradol tromethamine ophthalmic solution be used with caution in patients with known bleeding tendencies or who are receiving other medications, which may prolong bleeding time.

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we had two players come up to me at the very first game and said, i m here for my toradol shot, matava recalled.

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an allergy to an nsaid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug such as advil, motrin, aleve, orudis, indocin, lodine, voltaren, toradol, mobic, relafen, feldene, and others.


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