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It must be noted that all formulations of naltrexone carry a black box warning for liver damage or hepatitis hepatotoxicity but in actuality this side effect is rare.

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i asked the nurse that was coming to my home to take care of me if she had any other patients with ms that might know of any new medicine that wasn t an immune supressant and she told me i should look into low dose naltrexone.

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bupropion; naltrexone moderate bupropion should not be used by patients with a preexisting seizure disorder because it may lower the seizure threshold.

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naltrexone extended-release injectable suspension.

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one serious possibility is that naltrexone can have toxic effects on the liver.

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naltrexone hydrochloride marketed under the brand name revia.
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Contrave is really a combination in the drugs naltrexone and bupropion, which appears to reflect a whole new trend of weight-loss drugs which are made up of many active ingredient, which can make them more effective and safer.

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