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Sputum concentrations may be 2-10 of concurrent serum concentrations, in one study, a single 200-mg oral dose of cefixime resulted in sputum concentrations of 0.

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Increased prothrombin timewith or without clinical bleedinghas been reported when cefixime is administered concomitantly.

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The most commonly seen adverse reactions in U.Strials of the tablet formulation were gastrointestinal eventswhich were reported in 30of adult patients on either the twice daily or the once daily regimenFive percent5of patients in the U.Sclinical trials discontinued therapy because of drug-related adverse reactionsIndividual adverse reactions included diarrhea 16loose or frequent stools 6abdominal pain 3nausea 7dyspepsia 3and flatulence 4The incidence of gastrointestinal adverse reactionsincluding diarrhea and loose stoolsin pediatric patients receiving the suspension was comparable to the incidence seen in adult patients receiving tablets.

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